Zawody / Competition:

Sobota, 10.09.2011 Niedziela, 11.09.2011
10:30 Trening wolny
12:00 Trening wolny
14:00 Trening oficjalny
16:00 Pierwsza kwalifikacja
08:30 Rozgrzewka
10:00 Druga kwalifikacja
12:00 Trzecia kwalifikacja
14:30 Prezentacja zawodników
15:00 Finały

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Saturday, 10.09.2011 Sunday, 11.09.2011
10:30 Free practice
12:00 Free practice
14:00 Official practice
16:00 1st Heats
08:30 Warm-up
10:00 2nd Heats
12:00 3rd Heats
14:30 Drivers' presentation
15:00 Finals

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Final results of IX ERC round in Poland (12.09.2011 13:37)
FIA ERC calssifications before Poland (09.09.2011 14:15)
Entry Form for FIA IX ERC round in Poland (20.08.2011 11:38)
Supplementary Regulations (16.08.2011 15:57)
Archive from 2010 (18.07.2011 20:02)
Doran, Timmerzyanov and Enerberg victorious in Slomczyn! Timmerzyanov and Isachsen new champions! (12.09.2010 17:43)
Starting grids for finals (12.09.2010 15:13)
After 3rd heats: Enerberg and Timmerzyanov lead the pack (12.09.2010 14:07)
Second heats: Isachsen, Cermak & Enerberg fastest (12.09.2010 11:47)
First heats over: Castoral, Timmerzyanov and Isachsen quickest (11.09.2010 17:36)


Second day in Slomczyn now underway!
(12.09.2010 09:22)

The second day of competition on Slomczyn circuit has now begun. It is an overcast day in Slomczyn, but no rain is expected. Temperature oscillates around 14 degrees centigrade. Warm-up starting at 8:30 begins the day.

The second heats are scheduled at 10AM. You can keep track of all things happening in Slomczyn by visiting this site regularily. In the meantime we kindly invite you to watch numerous photos from yesterday's action from on and off the track.

Statement Regarding Silvo Viitanen: "Based upon the report by the FIA Technical Delegate after the 1st heat, that driver 45, Silvo Viitanen, was found in breach with art. 279, art.1, 1.2 the Stewards, after hearing the driver, decide to cancel his time of the first Heat and to exclude him from that Heat.

The driver has been informed about his rights to appeal against this decision as laid down in art. 181,182 and 183 of the code." /