Zawody / Competition:

Sobota, 10.09.2011 Niedziela, 11.09.2011
10:30 Trening wolny
12:00 Trening wolny
14:00 Trening oficjalny
16:00 Pierwsza kwalifikacja
08:30 Rozgrzewka
10:00 Druga kwalifikacja
12:00 Trzecia kwalifikacja
14:30 Prezentacja zawodników
15:00 Finały

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Saturday, 10.09.2011 Sunday, 11.09.2011
10:30 Free practice
12:00 Free practice
14:00 Official practice
16:00 1st Heats
08:30 Warm-up
10:00 2nd Heats
12:00 3rd Heats
14:30 Drivers' presentation
15:00 Finals

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Final results of IX ERC round in Poland (12.09.2011 13:37)
FIA ERC calssifications before Poland (09.09.2011 14:15)
Entry Form for FIA IX ERC round in Poland (20.08.2011 11:38)
Supplementary Regulations (16.08.2011 15:57)
Archive from 2010 (18.07.2011 20:02)
Starting grids for finals (12.09.2010 15:13)
After 3rd heats: Enerberg and Timmerzyanov lead the pack (12.09.2010 14:07)
Second heats: Isachsen, Cermak & Enerberg fastest (12.09.2010 11:47)
Second day in Slomczyn now underway! (12.09.2010 09:22)
First heats over: Castoral, Timmerzyanov and Isachsen quickest (11.09.2010 17:36)


Doran, Timmerzyanov and Enerberg victorious in Slomczyn! Timmerzyanov and Isachsen new champions!
(12.09.2010 17:43)

We have a new European Rallycross Champion, but it is not only Sverre Isachsen! Timur Timmerzyanov won in division 1A, and with Ildar Rakhmatuling losing out to Andreas Bakkerud in B Final, Timmerzyanov could celebrate his crowning already here in Slomczyn. Liam Doran won in division 1, Lars Oivind Enerberg in division 2. Full final race reports inside.

C Final, division 2:
First final of the afternoon was won by Patrick Mertens. The Belgian led from start to finish and was promoted to B final. Andrzej Grigorjew lost yet another wheel today after colliding with other drivers in  the first corner and his race was over.

C Final, division 1A:

Vaidas Navickas jumped into the lead and continued to set the pace until the end. Marcel Snoeijers tried to race the Skoda Fabia driver, but his race came to a premature end on the fourth lap, when he parked his Renault Clio by the track. Reimis Safonovs suffered some technical problems and was unable to finish the race as well. Mandie August was forced to sit out the race, as her VW Polo was too badly damaged after rolling it in the third heat. Pavel Vimmer finished second, Harrie Deelen third.

C Final, division 1:

This race was surely the most eventful one of the whole weekend. Atro Maatta initially led, but then lost his position to Per Eklund after some spectacular racing. The Finnish driver then crashed his Ford Focus heavily, rolling over the barrier around joker lap. The Finn did not sustain any injuries. The race was stopped.

During the restart, smoke started to come out from Bohdan Ludwiczak's Ford Focus. Though the Pole did start, his run was short lived and he had to retire, completing less than half of the race's distance.
Tony Bardy was leading, but lost his place at the end of the first lap to Per Eklund, making a small mistake. The Swede continued to win the race and get promotion to B final. Polish driver Marcin Wicik started quite well, but then struggled with technical problems, finishing fourth. Order at the finish line: Eklund, Procter, Bardy, Wicik.

B Final, division 2:
Ole Habjorg won ahead of Guino Kenis. Patrick Mertens broke the suspension in his VW Polo and finished last. Robin Olsson came third, Jos Sterkens fourth. Best Polish driver in the event, Lukasz Zoll, finished fifth.

B Final, division 1A:

Andreas Bakkerud and Clemens Meyer fought full contact in the first two corners, but the Norwegian was eventually better. Renault Clio driver won and was promoted to A Final. Jaroslav Kalny's race was over after just 100 metres, when his Peugeot 207 broke down. Ildar Rakhmatulin was trying very hard to bite Bakkerud, but his pace was not fast enough. This meant that Timur Timmerzyanov could grab the championship title already here in Slomczyn. Finish: Bakkerud, Rakhmatulin, Meyer, Susta, Navickas.

B Final, division 1:

The final started with Ludvig Hunsbedt jumping the start. Second time around, Rene Muennich was leading at the beginning, but lost his place to Stig Olov Walfridsson in the second corner. The Swede however made a small mistake in the third lap, which was cunningly exploited by Frode Holte, who went on to finish first, and secure a place in the A final. Order at finish: Holte, Walfridsson, Muennich, Heikkinen, Eklund. Hunsbedt out due to technical problems.

A Final, division 2:

Knut Ove Borseth jumped the start. Lars Oivind Enerberg was fastest after restart, edging Tohill and Borseth. Ole Kristian Nottveit spun in the second corner and was unable to restart, but the race continued anyway, despite the Norwegian's Citroen Xsara parked in the middle of the racing line. Enerberg went on to win the race and therefore the 9th round of ERC 2010 in Slomczyn. Podium places were completed by Derek Tohill and Ole Habjorg. This means the titles are not settled until the last round in Czech Republic is finished.

A Final, division 1A:

Timmerzyanov was fastest off the line, ahead of Andreas Bakkerud, who stormed into second from the last spot on the grid. He then fought bravely with Ulrik Linnemann and grabbed second place in the very last corner of the race. This all was however in the shadow of Timur Timmerzyanov impressive pace, which made him the winner of the event, and also crowned him the 2010 European Rallycross Championship title in division 1A!

A Final, division 1:
Frode Holte made a terrific start from the back of the grid, passing all 5 of his competitors. Those who counted on crowning Sverre Isachsen the title here in Slomczyn, could be truly disappointed, when the Norwegian was pushed out of the track in the second corner of the first lap. This meant he no longer played any significant role in fighting for win. Andreas Eriksson bumped into the fighting cars of Liam Doran and Kenneth Hansen, and damaged his Ford Fiesta, finishing his race prematurily. Liam Doran continued to push hard, got really close to Frode Holte, and when the Norwegian made a small mistake in the last corner of the penultimate lap, the Briton passed the Volvo driver with ease. Holte was unable to regain the lost position, and it was Doran, who could celebrate the win in Slomczyn. Holte was second, Hansen third, Jernberg fourth. Isachsen's adventure, Eriksson's retirement  and Doran's win meant the Norwegian won the championship despite finishing fifth in Slomczyn! Kenneth Hansen's third place means Isachsen has now 133 points, 12 poinst clear of Doran and 14 of Hansen. So it is mathematically impossible (excluding the weakest results) for them to surpass the Nrowegian.

This concludes our coverage from this year's event in Slomczyn. The results are so far unofficial. Should any updates appear due to appeals or protests, we will inform about it here. /